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Film and acting Camp 2017


June 26-30


Students will learn about all aspects of filmmaking by working with a script and taking it through the entire process from pre-production to post-production. On the application, students will indicate which field(s) he or she is interested in learning so that the learning experience will be catered directly to each students’ needs. New to this year’s camp, we will be offering classes in acting as well. For the students that choose acting as their primary interest, the script will be available to them by May 1st. (We will post it here for download and will email it to any students that have already registered) We will assign a part for each student to read and submit a video as their audition tape.  Roles will be assigned in June before camp begins, so that each actor has an adequate amount of time to learn his or her lines.




                         Click to Download Script



The price is $400 and includes meals, snacks, dorm, transportation to and from the studio, equipment, and professional instruction.


For local students, we are offering an option to opt out of the dorm and the price is $300 without dorm room accommodations. We do encourage all students to stay in the dorm but this option is available.


Each of the above options requires a $50 deposit with the remaining balance due by June 23rd.


We are also providing two scholarships for camp. Click here for more information.










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